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Guitar Playing the story so far from the perspective of Paul the website creator and  Guitar enthusiast and player himself.

Hi all, I have been playing Guitar on and off for too many years to mention, back in the time when I started playing  Guitar their was no internet and where I lived I couldn’t find anyone else who played the kinda Guitar I wanted to learn or even play a Guitar at all. You see I lived in a very small Town in Cornwall in England called Callington in the 1970s and as I was growing up as an early teenager there was no Rock or Rock and Roll Guitar lessons to be found where I was.

I was first inspired into wanting a Guitar from listening to my fathers old record collection which consisted of mainly 1950’s Rock and Roll, I loved all those Guitar sounds on the Chuck Berry records and early Presley from the great Scotty Moore, also at that time I was becoming a huge fan of the late Eddie Cochran and most certainly loved all those Guitar solos on the early Gene Vincent records.

I eventually bugged my parents enough to get me a cheap acoustic Guitar and if I can recall a cheap Electric Guitar with a 10 watt solid state practice amp, the Electric Guitar hardly ever stayed in tune but I still had the acoustic. I eventually found a book with some chord diagrams and proceeded in trying to play them and strum up and down until my fingers bled. I got into a Band at around 16 but didn’t have the first clue what a scale was or playing any lead guitar whatsoever, but mixing with like minded people at the time we all kind of worked it out together. The first gig we did was not fab and as we all only had cheap second hand equipment (none of us was very rich in those days) I do recall my Guitar amp going up in smoke and eventually blowing up on stage in the middle of the Gig , ha ha they where the days.

Guitars and Equipment

Over the years though I have owned many Electric Guitars from a USA Fender Stratocaster to an Epiphone Casino and an Ibanez Les Paul Copy made in the 70’s. Funnily enough at the time I had the Ibanez the other Guy in the band called Glen had the Genuine Gibson Les Paul, we put the two guitars side by side and couldn’t find much difference between them, no wonder Gibson took Ibanez to court over that model as they found them a threat.


I have had everything from HH Solid State amps to a 1969 100 Marshal Valve top to Vox AC50 Valve tops to a Fender 60 Watt Valve Blues Deville Combo which I still have today. I do prefer the Valve amps and wont part with my Fender.

Advice on buying your first Electric Guitar

This all depends on your budget and taste in music for the kind of sound you are looking to play.

Guitars Recommended for Jazz and Blues and Rockabilly.

If you are looking for a bluesy Jazzy sound and on a budget but still want a quality instrument I would take a look at the Epiphone Semi Acoustics. One they have a reputation for creating quality and when buying a branded name such as the Epiphone you’ll find they hold a certain Value therefor making them easier to sell on later down the line if you choose to. Semi Acoustic Electric Guitars are renowned for their Mellow Deep tone with plenty of resonance which is very good for Jazz and Blues, think of People like BB King, T.Bone Walker, George Benson etc who all use Semi Acoustic Guitars. For a deep mellow tone look for Guitars with Twin Coil Pickups for a more sparkly sharp sound as found in Rockabilly and Country look for Single coiled Guitars, my personal preference in Semi Acoustic Guitars as well as Solid built Guitars are the Coiled Tapped pickup types as you get the best of both worlds. Coiled tapped pickups has the single Coil setting and the Twin Coil setting so the best of both worlds, Hence the reason I chose an Epiphone Swingster Semi Acoustic Guitar as it has this option which gives the Guitar more versatility in sounds.

Guitars recommended for Rock Music and Country as well as more Guitars recommended for Blues.

For this kinda style I would recommend a solid wooden Guitar like a Fender Squire Stratocaster or an ordinary USA Fender Stratocaster if your feeling flush! You should also consider the  Epiphone or Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone being the Cheapest of the two. These Guitars are also good for Blues but wont quite match the Semi Acoustic Guitars for those Jazzy tones. I highly recommend the Yamaha Pacifica 112V  as it is very much like the Fender Stratocaster but with extra benefits in my opinion. You see the Yamaha Pacifica 112v has the Twin Coiled Tapped Pickups so the best of both worlds as previously explained.

Also this Guitar is made from an Alder Body so a great tone wood, it also has a Maple neck and Rosewood Fret Board, it is in my opinion an excellent quality made Guitar and to a similar standard to a £350 Mexican made Fender Strat but at only a retail price of approx £217.00.  As these Guitars has the added benefit of the coiled tapped Pickups, you can’t go wrong. If you like the sound of this but have more of a budget then may I suggest the Yamaha Pacifica 112VFM or the Yamaha Pacifica 112VQM.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha they always make quality and over deliver for the price you pay, so yes I can’t recommend them enough. Also if your looking at the Classical Guitar I would say you wont go wrong with a Yamaha, even the cheapest in the range are highly recommended instruments.

Yamaha Pacifica Guitar 112v. 5

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(Picture of my Yamaha Pacifica 112v to the left)