About Paul (Founder: Music & Nostalgia)

Hi everyone this is an introduction to me the person who created this Website,

My name is Paul Wood, just call me Paul if you like!

About Paul

(Time of writing this article 2015)

I am from England and have a great genuine passion in vintage style Music and Guitar playing, my interest has pushed me forward into creating this online project, I’m sure I’m going to love doing this.

I love to Travel when I can like most of us do I think, and I used to organise French Student trips to England, I’ll talk a little more on that later!

I live in a small seaside Town in Somerset in the UK called Burnham on Sea. My passion is in music and it starts way back in the 1970s when I was growing up, I used to love listening to my Dad’s old and quite often scratchy record collection back in those days. I was brought up on 1950s / 60s old time Rock and Roll, People like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley,  The Rolling Stones and so on. Funny enough though I didn’t get to tune in too much to The Beatles until later on as my Father had no Beatles records to play, and being a kid back then I could not afford to buy any Beatles records, there was no internet to tune into in those days!

I remember my uncle had loads of old Beatles 45.r.p.m. E.P.s and singles, he lent them to me, so I went away with them and recorded them onto a good old Reel to Reel tape recorder I played them often, funny how times have changed. I remember nagging my parents a lot about getting a Guitar, and after a little while of playing the Violin I eventually got an Acoustic guitar, not a brilliant one but it was ok. With no one to teach me I struggled but persisted,. In my later teens and early 20s I played in various bands but then like most of us real life took over and other things got in the way of my main passion.

Since then I have lived in many towns across the UK and tried many ventures but I could never forget the magic of good old Rock and Roll music from days gone by. I also missed  listening to the music on good old Vinyl and 78.r.p.m shellac records!  So in the end needless to say I started hunting out old records from Jumble sales boot sales and so on, I think I been doing this since around 1993 on and off.

Therefore this brings me back to present times and what I plan to do with the theme of this new website around my genuine interest and passion for music. For those of you on here living local to my area you can get the benefit of being invited along to my vintage style record hops 50s and 60s style coming soon! Also I am putting on Beatles weekend Liverpool trips with my friend,  we will visit a Beatles Museum and see a tribute Beatles act play in the world famous Cavern Club. But for the more international readers following my website I will be talking about my Guitar Passion and advise on some great guitar tuition courses that I have been trying out. Their will be other great treats coming for the international browser of my website too, so why not stick around for a while and bookmark my site.

Remember earlier I said I used to organise travel to the UK for French students, well I’ll be joining this website up very soon to my personalised UK travel trips website giving people the opportunity to come and visit my home Country and get taken personally to some great places of interest in my home Country.  Also the opportunity of visiting Liverpool the home Town of the Beatles will be included in my Travel projects to the UK.

All the best to everyone reading here and my kindest regards.
Paul Wood.
Founder of Music and Nostalgia

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